Color Material Finish Designer, I live and work between Paris and Perpignan (France).
Graduated of ESAA Duperré, in Paris, with Textile Degree in 2009, I grew my competences by working with varying sectors.
From a Norwegian material library, to Parisian forecasting agencies and automotive companies, I specialized in CMF Design.
I worked as a Color & Trim Designer for Peugeot in Vélizy (Paris area, France), Hongqi and Byton in Munich (Germany). I am constantly contributing to projects and stay open to challenges and opportunities.

Passionate by materials, they are the purpose of my activity.
In between personal researches and collaborative works, I improve my understanding of materials, both artistically and technically. From traditional to innovative solutions, my approach is nourrished by a sensibility to nature, interests to know-hows and industrial processes.